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We have changed our way of working but we are still here to help

All of us are worried about coronavirus and how it will affect us and those we love. We are still here to support you and to make sure you get the help you need.

Supporting Minds has been set up in response to the COVID-19 lockdown.  In March 2020, we suspended our face to face support and consolidated our services under one work team and changed to new ways of working to provide remote mental health support to people through this challenging time.

Supporting Minds is for people accessing secondary or primary care mental health services and for people needing advice or information about local mental health resources. We offer:


  • Remote mental health support by telephone, email or digital media – according to your preference
  • Wellbeing planning to help people cope with life at home
  • Information and support to access other services you may need during this time
  • Information and support to help you access help if you are in crisis
  • A weekly programme of activities




Mind information HUB for Covid-19 

Our information hub provides advice on how to support your mental wellbeing during this period. This includes practical advice on coping with staying at home, tips for employers on supporting yourself and your team, and updates on how the new coronavirus laws could affect your rights. If you’re a young person struggling at this time, we’ve also got some information for you:



RBK&C support for COVID-19

  • For information about the COVID-19 Hub and support for vulnerable residents click here








Central and North West London Mental Health Trust support for COVID-19

  • For information about Coronavirus, including changes to the Mental Health Act click here

Bereavement advice and support for Covid-19

Due to changes brought in for Covid-19, some people are unsure what to do following the death of a loved one.

For information about bereavement: 

  • This NHS Guide presents an overview of the changes to registering a death and funeral arrangements, following the death of a loved one
  • The CRUSE Helpline on  0808 808 1677 can offer support and advice on some of the practical things that need to be done following the death of a loved one
  • The Kensington and Chelsea branch of CRUSE Bereavement Care has information on some of the normal emotions you may feel after the loss of a loved one.  They also offer bereavement counselling to people who are having difficulty coping after a bereavement

Feeling of loss and bereavement are normal reactions to  losing a loved one but feelings of loss can be experienced as a result of other losses in life:

  • the end of a relationship
  • The loss of employment
  • The decline in physical or mental health

For information and support to help with bereavement and loss visit:












How we can help you

The Supporting Minds Team can offer:

  • Emotional and practical support to help you access information and organisations you may need to assist you
  • Access to our peer support service to help you stay connected with others and prevent you becoming isolated and to help with anxiety or depression
  • Support to access bereavement counselling services, if you need specialist bereavement support
  • Support to access or re-engage with mental health services if you are experiencing mental health problems and need to seek advice or treatment 

We are Mind and we are here to help

Contact us

The Supporting Minds Team can be contacted on 020 8964 1333.

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