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Community Living Well Peer Support is delivered by Kensington and Chelsea Mind, in partnership with a number of other organisations offering mental health support in primary care.

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It’s not always about getting or giving advice. It’s also about having a safe space to get things off our chest and occasionally sharing a laugh about it all!

Peer support brings together people with shared experiences, and these experiences can vary. For example, you might share a diagnosis of a particular mental health problem or similar personal interests. Or you may have shared experiences, such as hearing voices, identifying as LGBTIQ+ or having a shared cultural background. (Mind 2021) 

Mind Peer Support Services provide a range of opportunities for people to come together to reduce isolation, make friends and give and receive support based on the personal experience and a shared understanding of mental distress.  We offer both peer-led and peer-facilitated activities which focus on recovery, strengths, hopes and ambitions.

Peer support can help you in a number of ways by:

  • Help you develop skills and strategies to manage and maintain your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Feeling accepted and understood by others who share your experience
  • Developing and sharing skills
  • Reducing feelings of isolation
  • Building confidence and emotional resilience
  • Building new relationships

Mind peer support services are underpinned by the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Who can access Peer Support?

Community Living Well Peer Support is available to:

  • Individuals and their carers over 16 
  • Individuals whose mental health problems are being managed by their GP in primary care
  • Individuals and their carers living in RBK&C and Queens Park Paddington
  • Individuals registered with a GP in RBK&C and Queens Park Paddington
  • People using secondary mental health services have access to recovery services funded to meet their particular needs and are not eligible for Community Living Well primary care service until they transfer back to primary care
How to access Peer Support

Individuals and their carers can access Community Living Well in two ways:

  • You can refer yourself by contacting Community Living Well or completing the form on their website
  • You can ask your GP or other primary care professional involved in your care, to refer you to Community Living Well Peer Support. For our list of eligible GP practices please click here.
Contact us

For Community Living Well Peer Support Services contact: 020 8964 1333.