Community Sheds’ have become an increasingly popular way of creating spaces where people can get together to connect, converse and create, in order to promote mental wellbeing. Shed activities help reduce loneliness, isolation and depression.

  • Shedding is about meeting like-minded people
  • Shedding is about sharing skills and knowledge and having the support of your peers
  • Mind Sheds are member led and Shed members, or “Shedders” decide what activities they want to do in their particular Shed
  • Mind sheds come in all shapes and sizes across different locations
Eligibility criteria

Mind Community Sheds are open to people over 18 with complex mental health needs referred through the Community Mental Health Hubs in Kensington and Chelsea.


Contact us
  • For information about the Nature Shed contact 020 8960 6336

The Wellbeing Shed and The Upcycling Shed are not running at the moment but we hope to bring them back soon.