Mind Community Sheds

The Nature Shed

Being able to connect with nature has positive mental health benefits. 

The Mind Nature Shed helps people:

  • Expand their appreciation of the natural world
  • Build a relationship with nature
  • Feel part of the seasonal rhythms of ecological systems
  • Learn how to grow, cultivate and tend plants
  • Learn about soil science, planting theory, the world of fungi and the interconnection of all things

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Learn more about some of the theory and topics covered in our workshops. Horticulture and Nature information sheets and presentations

The Upcycling Shed

The Upcycling Shed is located at Acklam Road Workshops.

Upcycling activities involve taking an object that has out worn its purpose and making it into something new. Everyday objects can be restored or repurposed for something new.

With a tutor on hand to guide you, you will gain new knowledge and skills:

  • An understanding of the upcycling process
  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Painting and varnishing
  • How to select and use the correct tools
  • Projects will be supported according to your skills level and experience.
  • Tools and materials are supplied but you are welcome to bring your own small object to work on.
  • The Upcycling Shed is not running at the moment but we hope to bring it back soon.

The Wellbeing Shed

The Wellbeing Shed is where people get together to talk about mental health, share experience and tips in a relaxed, social setting. Wellbeing subjects are based on the award-winning Mind booklets and chosen from a wide range of topics, which might include: 

  • What are mental health problems
  • How to improve your mental wellbeing
  • Understanding seasonal affective disorder
  • LGBTQ mental health  
  • Ecotherapy
  • Hoarding
  • Managing stress
  • Complimentary and alternative therapies
  • Mindfulness and mental wellbeing

The Wellbeing Shed is not running at the moment but we hope to bring it back soon.