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We believe that people who have experienced; and who are living well with mental health problems, are often the most knowledgeable, skilled and inspirational supporters of others on the recovery journey…

Peer Support

Our aims:

  • To develop and deliver innovative peer support services
  • To offer opportunities to people living well with mental illness to use their skills and experience to assist others in their recovery
  • To maximise user involvement in all that we do
  • To create a dynamic learning environment

We offer:

  • As part of Community Living Well, we offer a range of wellbeing activities.

Social Peer Support

Feeling connected to other people is important. It can help you to feel valued and confident about yourself, and can give you a fresh perspective on your situation. Social Peer Support provides friendly meet ups where you can connect with others in a safe, supportive environment through joining in an activity or spending time with people who have a similar interest and shared experience. Social activities include walking groups, museum trips, arts and crafts sessions, cooking, singing, social trips and much more.

Living Well Workshops

Our Living Well Workshops provide a safe and supportive space to develop skills to manage the stresses and difficulties in your life. They aim to help you develop techniques to maintain and improve your emotional resilience and mental health. Previous topics have included: Nutrition, Mindfulness, Shared Reading and Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Peer Support Groups

Share the gift of hope and companionship with others that have walked a similar path to you at one of our Anxiety and Depression Support groups. Our groups are based on mutuality and a shared journey of discovery within which people help and support each other as equals, share their personal stories, teach, learn and grow together Our structured self-help  groups aim to bring people together who can share their experiences of anxiety, depression and other aspects that affect wellbeing.


The Peer Support training course is available to people with lived experience of mental health problems who are living well, and who wish to increase their knowledge about Peer Support, gain new skills or consolidate their working practice. The course covers a wide range of topics including the underlying principles and essential skills needed to deliver this new model of support. These skills include: facilitation skills, active listening, boundaries, confidentiality, recovery language, disclosure and how to use your experience to help others. 

One to one support

Meet with a peer worker, talk through emotional challenges and share coping suggestions and tips.

Elefriends – online support

For information contact the Peer Support Service at Community Living Well on 020 3317 4200 or visit