We believe that people who have experienced; and who are living well with mental health problems, are often the most knowledgeable, skilled and inspirational supporters of others on the recovery journey…

Peer Support

Our aims:

  • To develop and deliver innovate peer support services
  • To offer opportunities to people living well with mental illness to use their skills and experience to assist others in their recovery
  • To maximise user involvement in all that we do
  • To create a dynamic leaning environment

We offer:

  • As part of Community Living Well, we offer a range of peer support services, including one-to-one peer support, peer support groups, living well workshops, timebanking, social and on-line peer support.  
    Peer support training
  • Elefriends – online peer support

For information contact the Peer Support Service at Community Living Well on 020 3028 7805 or visit www.communitylivingwell.co.uk