Mind Community Shed Project

The Mind Community Shed Project is changing lives …

“Community Sheds” have become an increasingly popular way of creating spaces where people can get together to connect, converse and create, in order to promote mental wellbeing. Shed activities help reduce loneliness, isolation and depression and are often similar to things people would do in garden sheds.

Like garden sheds, Sheds come in all different shapes and sizes and often they aren’t sheds at all. Shed spaces can be held at any suitable empty space from garages to Scout huts. The important thing is the activity and social connections. Shedding is about meeting like-minded people, sharing skills and knowledge and having the support of your peers.

Mind Sheds are member led and Shed members, or “Shedders” are responsible for deciding what activities they want to do in their particular Shed. We provide the premises and insurance for the Sheds to operate safely and legally.

The Mind Community Shed project promotes social inclusion and welcome “Shedders” from all sections of the community. To ensure good health and safety, we will require additional information if you are accessing primary or secondary care for a mental health or physical condition.

Shed activities starting in November 2018 include:

  • The Men’s Shed ~ registered with UKMSA
  • The Women’s Shed
  • The Upcycling, Repair and Repurposing Shed
  • The Nature Shed
  • The Talking Shed: a space for Shedders to socialise, network and plan Shed activities

Mind Community Shed Project Eligibility Criteria:

    • Shedders must be a resident of RBK&C
    • Accessing Primary or Secondary mental health care
    • Over 18

For more information contact the Mind Skills Development Service on 020 8960 6777

Keep an eye on our twitter account for more details