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Mind provides information and support because 1 in four people will experience a mental health problem sometime in their lives…¬†

Healthy Minds

Our aims

  • To raise awareness and promote a better understanding of mental health issues
  • To present opportunities for change and personal development, through training, workshops¬†and support groups
  • To provide people with information and self-help strategies to improve health and well being

Healthy Minds Workshops 

Healthy Minds self-help workshops are based on essential life skills training.

  • What are mental health problems¬†
  • How to improve your mental wellbeing¬†
  • Understanding seasonal affective disorder¬†
  • LGBTQ mental health ¬†
  • Elefriends: Online support and safety
  • Ecotherpay¬†
  • Hoarding¬†
  • Carers, friends and family – a guide to coping¬†
  • Mental health – children and young people
  • Managing stress¬†
  • Peer support
  • Complimentary and alternative therapies¬†
  • Mindfulness and mental wellbeing ¬†

The workshops do not require previous knowledge or experience.

The workshops are based on participative training and discussion in pairs or small groups.

Each topic is delivered as a stand alone workshop and can be taken as a one off or as part of the series of workshops.

Healthy Mind workshops and support groups are free to residents of Kensington & Chelsea and are suitable for people wanting to develop their life skills and wellbeing.

Mind Support Groups 

This year we are expanding our personal development programme to include support groups.

  • New programme being drawn up.¬† Please check back for details

For details of dates and times and to apply for a place, please contact the project co-ordinator.

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