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If you are in need of support, it is important that you know there are people here to help. No one needs to struggle to cope on their own… 

Healing Minds

Healing Minds is a consortium of independent, registered voluntary organisations who provide advice, counselling and support to people living in Kensington and Chelsea.  

Our aims:

  • To create an umbrella group for counselling organisations delivering services in Kensington and Chelsea, across all cultures, disability, faiths, age, sexual orientation and gender
  • To work in partnership to create a co-ordinated response to the needs of the local community affected by the tragic events at Grenfell, now and in the future
  • To provide a central information point where people can find out counselling support is available

RBK&C Counselling Organisations – voluntary sector 

Community Leadership Groups 

CNWL Mental Health Foundation Trust