Mind is working to create mentally healthy communities.  We believe that mental health is everyone’s business…

Mental Health First Aid Training is our key strategy for raising awareness about mental health and equipping our community with the knowledge and skills they need to support people who may be in crisis.

Our aims

  • To change people’s minds and attitudes about mental illness
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination and dispel myths about mental illness
  • To provide advice and guidance
  • To equip people with the skills to respond to people in crisis
  • To support suicide prevention
  • To promote and support mental wellbeing 

In 2018, we are running two main Mental Health First Aid programmes:

MHFA for Grenfell – Youth and Standard

Free Mental Health First Aid Training for schools, organisations and individuals working with people affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Be Kind 2 Your Mind

Free Mental Health First Aid Youth Training for schools, organisations and individuals working with young people in Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea.

Mental Health First Aid – Standard

2 day accredited training to raise mental health awareness, promote self care and the support of others in crisis.

Mental Health First Aid – Youth

For adults (16 and over),  working, living and caring for vulnerable young people aged 8 – 18 year olds.

Mental health First Aid courses runs throughout the year.  For details of dates and times and to apply for a place, please contact enquiries@kcmind.org.uk

As part of of our commitment to public education, MHFA Training is delivered free to individuals living and working in Kensington & Chelsea and at a subsidised rate for organisations. 

The training is suitable for non-mental health professionals working in the helping professions.