If you are in need of support, it is important that you know there are people here to help. No one needs to struggle to cope on their own...

Healing Minds

The Healing Minds consortium has been set up by Kensington and Chelsea Mind to bring together RBK&C registered counselling providers to manage, monitor and develop our response to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy; an event that has proved greater than the scope, experience and resources of any one organisation or sector to manage alone.

The consortium originated out of an initiative developed by Kensington and Chelsea Mind, the Mind and Soul Foundation and CRUSE and has now expanded into our current membership to include the NHS and other registered charities in the Borough. 

The criteria for membership is:

  • Registered charity or RBK&C service provider with appropriate governance standards
  • Can meet local authority standards for Safeguarding, children and adults
  • Carry public liability insurance
  • Can meet the professional accreditation for counselling/psychotherpay 

Our aims:

  • To create an umbrella group for counselling organisations delivering services in north Kensington, across all cultures, disability, faiths, age, sexual orientation and gender
  • To work in partnership to create a co-ordinated response to the needs of the local community affected by the tragic events at Grenfell, now and in the future
  • To provide a central information point where people can find out what help is available


Counselling Organisations - voluntary sector

Community Leadership Groups

    CNWL Mental Health Foundation Trust

    • Support4Grenfell Community Hub - children and bereavement service.  This service has now developed into a local partnership of charities for bereaved children.  Support 4 Grenfell Community Hub can be contacted on 07964 560175

    Healing Minds:  

    Shock and distress are normal symptoms following an emergency event and in time, these symptoms should start to heal as people process their experience, often with the help of friends, family and community. Some people may need some additional mental health support to regain their equilibrium. There are many different types of mental health support available in Kensington and Chelsea and services specifically set up to respond to the needs of people affected by the Grenfell Fire disaster. If you are in need of support, it is important that you know there are people here to help - no one needs to struggle to cope on their own.

    We recommend that your GP should be your first point of contact to discuss your mental health concerns. They can refer you to a number of mental health services, including talking therapies, such as counselling. There are also a number of voluntary organisations and helplines offering services that can help. A number of GPs in north Kensington are extending their opening hours to ensure that people can get appointments if they need one. You can also visit one of the mental health and wellbeing drop-in and pop-up services that have been set up in the north Kensington area, specifically to support people affected by the Grenfell tragedy. These are run by the NHS and are there to offer emotional support.

    Help in an emergency:  

    Listed below are list of NHS, statutory, voluntary organisations and helplines you can contact for mental health support. However, if you think you or someone you know, is in danger of hurting themselves or others, please seek immediate help by calling emergency services. Dial 999, free of charge and ask for assistance.