If you are in need of support, it is important that you know there are people here to help. No one needs to struggle to cope on their own...

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Healing Minds

The Healing Minds consortium has been set up by Kensington and Chelsea Mind to bring together Kensington and Chelsea registered counselling providers to work together on our response to the Grenfell Fire tragedy; an event that has proved greater than the scope, experience and resources of any one organisation or sector to manage alone.

The consortium originated out of an initiative developed by Kensington and Chelsea Mind, Help Advisory Counselling Service, the Mind and Soul Foundation and CRUSE and has now expanded into our current membership to include the NHS and other established charities in the Borough. 

The criteria for counselling or psycotherapy organisation membership is:

  • Registered charity or RBK&C service provider with appropriate governance standards
  • Can meet local authority standards for Safeguarding, children and adults
  • Carry public liability insurance
  • Can meet the professional accreditation for counselling/psychotherpay 

Our aims:

  • To create an umbrella group for counselling organisations delivering services in north Kensington, across all cultures, disability, faiths, age, sexual orientation and gender
  • To work in partnership to create a co-ordinated response to the needs of the local community affected by the tragic events at Grenfell, now and in the future
  • To provide a central information point where people can find out what help is available


Counselling Organisations - voluntary sector

Community Leadership Groups

    CNWL Mental Health Foundation Trust

    Special Advisory Organisations

    Healing Minds:  

    Shock and distress are normal symptoms following an emergency event and in time, these symptoms should start to heal as people process their experience, often with the help of friends, family and community. Some people may need some additional mental health support to regain their equilibrium. There are many different types of mental health support available in Kensington and Chelsea and services specifically set up to respond to the needs of people affected by the Grenfell Fire disaster. If you are in need of support, it is important that you know there are people here to help - no one needs to struggle to cope on their own.

    We recommend that your GP should be your first point of contact to discuss your mental health concerns. They can refer you to a number of mental health services, including talking therapies, such as counselling. There are also a number of voluntary organisations and helplines offering services that can help. A number of GPs in north Kensington are extending their opening hours to ensure that people can get appointments if they need one. You can also visit one of the mental health and wellbeing drop-in and pop-up services that have been set up in the north Kensington area, specifically to support people affected by the Grenfell tragedy. These are run by the NHS and are there to offer emotional support.

    Help in an emergency:  

    Listed below are list of NHS, statutory, voluntary organisations and helplines you can contact for mental health support. However, if you think you or someone you know, is in danger of hurting themselves or others, please seek immediate help by calling emergency services. Dial 999, free of charge and ask for assistance.

    Mental health and wellbeing support for Grenfell:

    Mental health support for adults and children

    NHS: Grenfell Assistance Centre

    The Curve, 4 Bard Road, W10 6TP
    Call: 0800 0234 650

    • Walk in service: every day between 10am and 8pm
    • Family and Friends Assistance Centre: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm By appointment – contact Family Liaison Officers
    • Community outreach: NHS workers are carrying our door-to-door visit people at home and in their temporary accommodation to see if anyone needs further NHS help. NHS workers will always have identification

    NHS: Health Pop up Clinics for Grenfell

    Pop up clinics across a number of locations in north Kensington offering emotional support and training in Mental Health First Aid, bereavement sessions, how to recognise signs of post-traumatic stress.

    RBK&C: Care for Grenfell

    Care for Grenfell is a team that has been established to provide additional support for any residents that have been directly affected by Grenfell.

    Available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
    Call: 020 7745 6414
    Email: areforgrenfell@rbkc.gov.uk 

    Out of hours support

    • Housing: call 020 7361 3008
    • Social Services: call 020 7361 3013

    RBK&C: Grenfell Key Workers Hub

    Call: 020 7745 6400
    Or email GrenfellTowerKeyWorkerHub@rbk&c.gov.uk 

    Bereavement support for Grenfell


    CRUSE bereavement care is providing bereavement support for people who were bereaved in the Grenfell fire. This service is accessed through the Grenfell Assistance Centre, Family Assistance Centre, above.

    Support helplines for Grenfell

    Red Cross Helpline for Grenfell

    Available Monday to Friday
    9am – 5pm
    Call: 0800 458 9472

    Mind Blue Light Infoline for Grenfell emergency services

    Mind’s Blue Light infoline is specifically for emergency service staff, volunteers and family, Offering support with staying mentally well at work, different types of mental health services, how and where to get help, medical and alternative treatments, advocacy, information about post-traumatic stress disorder, existing mental health support and mental health and the law.

    Call: 0300 303 5999
    Text: 84999
    Email: bluelight@mind.org
    Website: www.mind.org.uk

    Mental health and wellbeing support ~ universal services

    NHS: Single Point of Access (SPA)

    If you or someone else you know is in need of more support than can be provided by the organisations on this list you can call the dedicated NHS response service number where your needs will be assessed and appropriate mental health support and information and advice will be provided. This is available 24 hours a day. 

    Call 0800 0234 650 or email cnw-tr.spa@nhs.net

    Community Living Well (Primary Care)

    Community Living Well is a new primary care service that offers easy access to a range of wellbeing and clinical services, including; information on self-help, peer support, employment support and support to navigate access to housing and benefits. Community Living Well also offers specialist support from mental health nurses and talking therapies. 

    • Community Living Well (North Hub), St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing, Exmoor Street, London, W10 6DZ
      Call: 0208 206 8700
    • Community Living Well (South Hub), Violet Melchett Centre, 30 Flood Street, London, SW3 5RR
      Call: 0203 028 7805

    Community Living Well Talking Therapies and Mother Tongue Service is delivered by Take Time to Talk. It is a free and confidential NHS service for people aged 18 and over who are registered with a GP in Kensington and Chelsea, Queens Park Paddington area. They provide a range of psychological therapies and support: 

    Call 020 8206 8700 or visit www.take-time-to-talk.com 

    Crisis support

    Single Point of Access

    Call 0800 0234 650 or visit http://www.cnwl.nhs.uk/service/single-point-of-access-north-west-london-adult-community-mental-health-services/ 

    For listening support, there are a number of crisis support helplines you can call. 

    The Listening Place

    The Listening Place offers face-to-face support for those who think life is no longer worth living. Free, confidential, non-judgemental support.

    Call 020 3906 7676 or visit www.thelisteningplace.org.uk

    The Samaritans

    The Samaritans can be contracted for free, confidential support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

    Call the Samaritans on 07725 90 90 90 or visit www.samaritans.org


    SANE is a UK mental health charity who work to improve the quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness. SANE runs an out-of-hours mental health helpline offering specialist emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental illness, including family, friends and carers. SANEline is open 7 days a week every day of the year from 4.30pm – 10.30pm.

    Call 0300 304 7000 or visit www.sane.org.uk

    Voluntary organisations:

    Mental health support, advice and information, counselling, psychotherapy and emotional support.

    Al Mannar: Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre

    Al Manaar, have been are the forefront of providing practical, spiritual, pastoral and emotional support in response to the Grenfell tragedy. In partnership with Inspirited Minds, they are providing help, support and counselling: Call 020 8964 1496 or visit www.almanaar.org.uk 

    Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre

    Al Hasaniya provide practical and emotional support for women and their families. A programme of advice, advocacy and referral helps the women to deal with their problems and access mainstream NHS and voluntary services:

    Call: 020 8969 2292 or visit http://al-hasaniya.org.uk/support/mental-health 

    Cruse Bereavement Care

    Cruse Bereavement Care is a national charity for people who have been bereaved. CRUSE offers support to adults, young people and children to understand their grief and cope with their loss. CRUSE can offer individual and group sessions. CRUSE also provide support groups for people bereaved by suicide:

    Call: 020 8964 3455 or visit http://www.kchf-cruse.org.uk 

    Help Counselling

    Help Counselling Service offers low cost counselling and psychotherapy to a wide range of people, mainly in the west London area. As well as their core counselling service, Help is offering free listening support for people in temporary accommodation, individuals, and staff groups. Help is also working with organisations and staff groups who may have been affected and can provide information sessions about on how to look after your emotional and mental wellbeing following a major incident:

    Call 020 7221 9974 or visit www.helpcounselling.com 


    Hestia provides housing and mental health day services, including a free counselling service for people who need emotional support:

    • Grove Resource Centre: 020 7221 0052
    • The Oremi Centre: 020 8964 0033
    Visit www.hestia.org 

    Kensington and Chelsea Mind

    A local charity affiliated to national Mind that provides advice, information and signposting to local services and recovery focused support services for people who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

    Call: 020 8964 1333 or visit www.kcmind.org.uk 

    Midaye Somali Development Network

    Midaye is a registered charity providing advice, advocacy, mental health support and education services for members of the Somali community. Midaye is the co-ordinating group for Grenfell Community Forum.

    Call: 020 89697456 or visit www.midaye.org.uk 

    Mind and Soul Foundation

    The Mind and Soul Organisation is a Christian org that aims to educate people about mental health, help people recover from mental distress and engage people with the local church and emotional health services. 

    Call Premier Lifeline: 0300 111 0101
    Or visit: http://www.mindandsoulfoundation.org 

    The Refugee Support Centre

    The Refugee Support Centre offers multi lingual counselling and psychotherapy services for refugees under 65:

    Call: 020 7820 3606


    SMART is a day service offering a range of support services located in the south of the Borough, with outreach locations in north Kensington. Drop in hours are Monday to Sunday 10am to 4pm, and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6pm to 9pm. 

    Call: 020 7376 4668 or visit www.smartlondon.org.uk 

    West London Action for Children

    West London Action for Children offers a range of counselling and therapy services for children in need, and their families. They support families under stress to develop their confidence and skills to cope with the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of family life:

    Call: 020 7352 1155 or visit www.wlac.org.uk 

    Online support:


    Elefriends is an online, moderated, peer support forum run by Mind. Elefriends is a supportive community where people can give and gain support and share experiences with people who understand, based on their own lived experience of mental health problems:

    Sign up for Elefriends at: www.elefriends.org.uk 

    Easy Life

    The Easy Health website provides videos and easy-read leaflets which help people with learning disabilities understand mental health issues and mental health care:

    Visit www.easyyhealth.org.uk 


    The Volunteer Centre

    The Volunteer Centre recruits, supports, manages and develops volunteers. 

    Grenfell Home-Start provides support and practical assistance for people affected by the Grenfell tragedy. The Volunteer Centre also provides support for the Grenfell area through the Kensington and Chelsea Ambassadors, Community Champions projects and Project Cup of Tea.

    Healing Minds is encouraging local volunteers to register with the Volunteer Centre, to ensure they receive the training and support they need to look after themselves and others safely. Kensington and Chelsea Mind is offering free, Mental Health First Aid training to Grenfell volunteers registered with and referred by the Volunteer Centre.

    Call 020 8960 3722 or visit www.voluntarywork.org.uk 

    Support with drug and alcohol problems:

    The Alcohol Service

    The Alcohol Service (TAS) is a free and confidential alcohol service for adults, families, carers and affected others. 

    Call: 0800 014 7440
    Email: thealcoholservice.info@cgl.org.uk
    or visit The Alcohol Service Website 

    Drugs and alcohol Wellbeing Service

    The Drug & Alcohol Wellbeing Service (DAWS) is the substance misuse treatment service for Kensington and Chelsea.

    Call: 020 8960 5599 or visit the Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service Website 

    Build on Belief (BoB)

    BoB is service user run organisation providing counselling support and social opportunities for people needing support for drug and alcohol problems.

    Call: 0800 0234 650 or visit www.buildonbelief.org.uk 

    Mental Health Helplines:

    Anxiety UK

    Charity providing support if you've been diagnosed with an anxiety condition.

    Call: 08444 775 774 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm)
    Website: www.anxietyuk.org.uk 

    Bipolar UK

    A charity helping people living with manic depression or bipolar disorder.

    Contact via Website: www.bipolaruk.org.uk 

    B-EAT Eating Disorder Association

    Call: 08456 341 414


    CALM is the Campaign Against Living Miserably, for men aged 15-35. Dedicated to preventing men from committing suicide:

    London helpline: call 0808 802 5858 (5pm to midnight)
    Website: www.thecalmzone.net 

    Men’s Health Forum

    24/7 stress support for men by text, chat and email

    Website: www.menshealthforum.org.uk 

    Mental Health Foundation

    Provides information and support for anyone with mental health problems or learning disabilities:

    Website: www.mentalhealth.org.uk 

    No Panic

    Voluntary charity offering support for sufferers of panic attacks and OCD. Offers a course to help overcome your phobia/OCD. Includes a helpline:

    Call 0844 967 4848 (daily, 10am-10pm)

    Website: www.nopanic.org.uk 


    Mind is the UK’s largest mental health charity. It provides information and support to improve the lives of people suffering from mental distress. Call 020 8519 2122 or visit www.mind.org.uk

    Mind also provides Helplines to make sure people get the help and support they need: 

    Mind Helplines

    All Mind helplines are available Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Hols – 9am – 6pm


    Information on a range of mental health topics, types of mental health problems, where to get help, medication and alternative treatments and advocacy:

    Call: 0300 123 3393 or text 86463
    Email: info@mind.org.uk 

    Mind legal-line

    Legal and general information on mental health law:

    Call: 0300 466 6463
    Email: legal@mind.org.uk 

    Mind Blue Light Infoline

    Mind’s Blue Light infoline is specifically for emergency service staff, volunteers and family. The team provides information on a range of topics including; Staying mentally well at work, different types of mental health services, how and where to get help, medical and alternative treatments, advocacy, information about post-traumatic stress disorder, existing mental health support and mental health and the law.

    Call: 0300 303 5999 (local rates) or text 84999
    Email: bluelightinfo@mind.org.uk

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Action

    Support for people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Includes information on treatment and online resources:

    Call 0845 390 6232 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5pm)
    Website: www.ocdaction.org.uk 

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder UK

    A charity run by people with OCD, for people with OCD. Includes facts, news and treatments:

    Call 0845 120 3778 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)
    Website: www.ocduk.org 


    Young suicide prevention society.

    Call: HOPElineUK 0800 068 4141 (Mon-Fri,10am-5pm & 7-10pm. Weekends 2-5pm)
    Website: www.papyrus-uk.org 

    Premier Lifeline

    The National Christian Helpline. Being there at the end of the phone. A place where faith and compassion meet. 

    Call: 0300 111 0101 (9am-midnight, 7 days a week)

    Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre

    Call: 0808 802 9999 (Tuesday and Wednesday 12 – 2.30pm. 7 – 9.30pm)

    Survivors UK

    For male abuse victims:

    Call: 0845 122 1201 (Tuesday and Wednesday 7 – 9.30pm)

    National Self Harm Network

    Call: 0800 622 6000 (Daily 7 – 11pm)

    Rethink Mental Illness

    Support and advice for people living with mental illness:

    Call: 0300 5000 927 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-4pm)
    Website: www.rethink.org 


    Confidential support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair:

    Call: 116 123 (free 24-hour helpline)
    Website: www.samaritans.org.uk 


    Charity offering support and carrying out research into mental illness:

    Call: 0845 767 8000 (daily, 6-11pm)
    SANEmail email: sanemail@org.uk
    Website: www.sane.org.uk 

    Winston’s Wish

    National charity for bereaved children.

    Call: 08088 020 021
    Website: https://www.winstonswish.org.uk/

    Young Minds

    Information on child and adolescent mental health. Services for parents and professionals.

    Call Parents' helpline 0808 802 5544 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-4pm)
    Website: www.youngminds.org.uk 

    NHS Support tools and resources for Grenfell

    NHS: Trauma Leaflet

    If you are worried about your mental health the NHS trauma leaflet (http://bit.ly/2sbZoxE) may be of help. It outlines common reactions, simple suggestions for how to cope, including ways in which children may be supported to cope during the next few days:

    Coping with stress after a traumatic event

    Healthwatch (Central West London) and the West London Clinical Commissioning Group have developed two easy read leaflets on how to cope with stress after a traumatic event and how to support children:

    NHS: Choices: your health your choices

    If you are under 18, or are concerned about someone who is under 18, please look on NHS Choices for your local children and young people’s mental health service. Children and young people may also access NHS help by visiting their GP, and schools may be able to provide support or refer them to local services: